Our trading products

TRADHOL INTERNACIONAL, S.A. as a leading company in alcohol trading, achieves this goal relying on a policy of full cooperation and transparency with clients and suppliers, as well as on the high motivation, preparation and professionalism of his team.

We offers tailor made solutions for each of our customers and suppliers.

We have sales agents in each of the countries where we operate, what gives us deep and valuable information, while keep us abreast of the situation in each of the markets. 

Another key to success is to have a wide variety of transportation solutions in order to adapt to the requirements and needs of our clients:


Bulk distribution, using vessels

These vessels usually have stainless steel tanks, which makes them suitable for the transport of quality alcohols, taking special care on previous loads of these vessels in order to minimize the risk of contamination, therefore, they are an ideal means for the transport of quality alcohol.

Distribution in Iso-Tanks or tanks

This mode of transport is used when the volumes to be transported are not large enough for chartering a bulk vessel. The advantage of this mode of transport is the minimization of risks of contamination since tanks are always stainless steel and the handling of alcohol is minimal between the point of origin and destination.

Distribution on plastic or metal drums

These drums often have an average capacity of 200-250 litres.

Distribution at terminals

All these logistical operations are controlled by independent Surveyors recognized internationally as Bureau Veritas, SGS, Lloyd´s, etc., both in point of origin and destination. Our operations department can also perform “door to door” or “port to port” services from the place of origin of the goods to our customers facilities.

Personalized Customer Service

Our First Value

In today’s environment, more competitive than ever, it’s important to remember that the essence of any business lies in the customer, from the beginning to the conclusion of any transaction.

Customers, faced with a wide range of options in the market, continuously raise their expectations, aiming to achieve the maximum benefit and the most favorable conditions possible in their commercial operations.

Given this reality, our approach to customer service becomes critically important, especially in our sector, where direct contact and a trustful relationship are fundamental for the success of negotiations. This commitment to service excellence significantly distinguishes us from other commercial fields.

Consequently, we dedicate special attention to each interaction with our customers, ensuring that both our direct treatment and that provided by our collaborators meet the highest standards of quality and personalization.

Full customer satisfaction not only represents the cornerstone of our quality service philosophy but also constitutes our primary goal. As dedicated professionals and integral parts of our organization’s structure, we strive to ensure total satisfaction for both internal and external clients, reflecting this commitment in every role within our company.