Ethanol Trading

Actually, the spirit industry and especially the trading alcohol business are intimately linked with the good service to customers and suppliers. It is not possible to understand a company dedicated to the marketing of alcohol that does not offer a personalized and professional service.

Part of this service is based on a perfect knowledge of the logistics of transport that, despite having no secrets, requires huge attention in each and every step or detail.

TRADHOL INTERNACIONAL, S.A.  is specializes in the distribution of alcohol for liquor, chemical industries, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.


    • Anhydrous Ethyl Alcohol
    • B Grade Ethyl Alcohol
    • Crude Ethyl Alcohol
    • Denatured Alcohols
    • Distillate Sugarcane Alcohol
    • Extra Neutral Alcohol (ABSOLUTE ENA) 99,9º
    • Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) 96º
    • Feints
    • Fuel Ethanol (ANP, ASTM, PNS, ENSPEC…)
    • Fusel Oil
    • Grade B Industrial Alcohol
    • Grain Neutral Spirits
    • Head & Tails
    • Heavy Rum
    • Hydrous Ethyl Alcohol
    • Isoamilic Alcohol
    • Kosher Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA)
    • Light Rum
    • Organic Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA)
    • Rectified Industrial Alcohol
    • REN Industrial Alcohol
    • Rice Alcohol
    • Undenatured Alcohols
    • USP / GMP Ethyl Alcohol (95º/96º/99º)
    • Wine/Grape Alcohol