In TRADHOL INTERNATIONAL S.A., we consider ourselves undisputed leaders in alcohol production. Our commitment is to continuously optimize production capacity and product quality across all our distilleries. Additionally, we focus on expanding our plants in strategic areas around the world.

A clear example of our vision is our participation in the establishment and operation of NOSAK DISTILLERIES, a set of raw alcohol rectification distilleries in Lagos, Nigeria, near the Apapa port complex. This initiative demonstrates our leadership and commitment to the industry on a global scale.

In Tradhol Internacional, we have led the design, development, coordination, expansion, and logistics of our plants in both Spain and Nigeria. Our first distillery, ALCONI I, designed and built in Spain, has a production capacity of 100,000 liters per day of the highest quality rectified alcohol. We use vacuum technology to maximize fuel savings during the rectification process. Additionally, we have used top-quality materials, including complete rectification sections in copper, to ensure the best organoleptic and quality characteristics of the final alcohol.

With the success of ALCONI I, we have expanded our facilities in two subsequent phases. ALCONI II, completed in 2007, has a production capacity of 150,000 liters per day. And ALCONI III, operational since February 2012, has an estimated capacity of another 150,000 liters per day. It is important to note that approximately 10% of the equipment used in our plants, such as distilleries, boilers, cooling towers, and water treatment systems, is of Spanish manufacture. This reaffirms our commitment to quality and excellence in each of our processes.

At Tradhol Internacional, we take pride in being the preferred solution for both our customers and suppliers in the alcohol market. We work hard to maintain our leadership and provide unparalleled service worldwide.

Motivation, Technical Preparation, and Professionalism of the Team

Our Second Value

Tradhol Internacional, as a company committed to efficiency and quality, faces the ongoing challenge of growth and evolution. In this context, we recognize the development and strengthening of our human team as essential to achieving our goals.

Therefore, the company’s management strives not only to foster a strong team spirit among our employees but also to enhance the development of their skills and competencies. Moreover, we are committed to the continuous improvement of communication channels and the exchange of information within the organization, thus creating an environment where professionalism and technical preparation can fully develop.