TRADHOL INTERNACIONAL´s services focused on all kinds of needs or requirements from clients, has driven us to the following action lines:


At Tradhol Internacional, we focus on providing the best solutions to our clients and suppliers in the alcohol market. Our extensive experience in trading operations allows us to meet all the demands and needs of our business partners. We operate globally, conducting port-to-port transactions, whether in bulk, tankers, isotanks, or drums, for all types of alcohols: from neutral, raw, and industrial to vinous, distilled, and dehydrated. Trust us to take your business to the next level and ensure success in the global alcohol market.


Through our state-of-the-art distillery in Nigeria, we have achieved consistent growth in alcohol production over the past few years. With cutting-edge equipment and a highly trained team, we strive to deliver the finest products to our clients and suppliers in the alcohol market. At Tradhol Internacional, we blend tradition and innovation to provide exceptional solutions and ensure the satisfaction of all our business partners.


At Tradhol Internacional, we offer specialized engineering and consulting services focused on the optimization and improvement of distilleries. Our team of experts develops customized solutions to address technical issues, enhance productivity, and implement computerized management controls. From designing new distilleries to executing turnkey projects, our goal is to deliver outstanding results. Trust us to take your distillery to the next level and ensure success in the alcohol market.


Our team of passionate researchers is dedicated to exploring new horizons in the field of alcohol. From improving distillation processes to implementing revolutionary technologies, we are committed to excellence and innovation. Trust us to propel your business into the future and achieve success in the alcohol market.

Corporate Values

Our organization maintains a clear definition of both our culture and our action philosophy. Our team is fully aware of the importance of the values we convey to both clients and suppliers.

We strive to consistently offer added value in our services compared to our competition, which translates into market success.

Tradhol Internacional is committed to the following values:

Personalized Customer Service: We are dedicated to providing solutions that specifically meet the needs of each of our clients, ensuring a unique and satisfactory experience.

Motivation, Technical Preparation and Professionalism of the Team: We promote a work environment where motivation, continuous training, and professional excellence are fundamental pillars, thus ensuring the quality and effectiveness of everything we do.

Cooperation and Transparency in Actions: We firmly believe in the importance of collaboration both internally and externally and commit to always act with transparency, fostering relationships based on trust and mutual respect.